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Why might a course not be listed?

Course evaluations are available from fall 2006 to the present. As of spring 2008, all courses with 5 or more students were required to be evaluated. Select the year and term in which the course was taught, and scroll down to the department offering the course. If it is not there, the course was not evaluated.

When I selected "Add to my course planner", the course does not show up in my.harvard. Why?

After selecting "Add to my course planner", go to my.harvard and refresh the page.

What are the benchmarks used and how are they calculated?

Each question can be compared with other courses in the division, the department, the course group or courses of similar size. Benchmarks are calculated by taking the unweighted mean of all student responses to the question. Calculations include data from fall 2006 to the present.

Why does the benchmark course size differ from the actual course size of the class?

In cases where classes are taught in sections and evaluated as individual courses, the evaluations are benchmarked against courses of similar size to the entire class, i.e. all sections together, rather than the size of each individual section.

Why are no comments displayed for a course?

Currently, only comments to the question "What would you like to tell future students about this class?" are available to the Harvard community. Beginning in spring 2008, the course head was given the option to publicly display the text responses to this question when registering the course for course evaluations. If comments to this question are not displayed, it is because the course head for the course chose not to display the comments, no comments were submitted by students, or the course was taught before spring 2008.

Could you provide information on the score scale used?

Instructor Score (Evaluate your Instructor overall)
1=unsatisfactory, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent

Course Overall (Evaluate the Course Overall)
1=unsatisfactory, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent

Would you recommend (How strongly would you recommend this course to your peers?)
1=definitely not recommend, 2=unlikely to recommend, 3=recommend with reservations, 4=likely to recommend, 5=recommend with enthusiasm

Difficulty (How difficult did you find this course?)
1=very easy, 2=easy, 3=moderate, 4=difficult, 5=very difficult

Work Required (On average, how many hours per week did you spend on coursework outside of class?)
1= <3 hours, 2= 3-6 hours, 3= 7-10 hours, 4= 11-14 hours, 5= >14 hours

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